Degrees of separation

One of the things I’ve forgotten to post here, that came out of my London jaunt, was that my chum Jem had finished his stint on Scrapheap Challenge and had picked up a jolly little gig making film props. For a Kevin Bacon film.

At which revelation, Alom* and I immediately started petitioning the poor chap to the effect that, if he wanted to remain our friend, he quite simply had to contrive a cameo in said film. Why? Because both Alom and I have been on screen with Jem, so Jem appearing in a Kevin Bacon film would give each of us a Bacon Number of 2. 2! How cool would that be?

Also, I entertain the vague possibility that I might actually have an Erdös number; my only real scientific paper listed a couple of authors who must, at some point, have co-authored with mathematicians (computational chemistry was our game), so it’s just about feasible that I have an Erdös number of maybe seven or so. Which would give me a Bacon-Erdös number of around 10, but hey – at least I’d have one!

Unfortunately, Jem finished the props and immediately took a job at Screenhouse. Which is, one suspects, the end of the endeavour. I’m never speaking to him again.

  • I think I first met Alom Shaha, briefly, when I put him up for interview for The Big Bang about six years ago. We didn’t meet again until the other week, despite our paths crossing on more than one occasion – we tended to interleave at places like Screenhouse. Anyway, we bumped into each other at a bash at Imperial. Seriously nice guy: one of those people I very much hope I manage to work with sometime.

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  1. My brother also has – or will have very shortly – a Bacon number of 2, having been an extra in the soon to be released film “The Jacket” along side Jennifer Jason Leigh.
    I might conceivably have a Bacon number myself, but only if you include television, and even then at a stretch…

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