Just another day in blogland

On my first check this morning, the comment blacklist plugin for this blog had blocked about twenty junk messages. Unfortunately, almost sixty had managed to sneak past it, an unusual occurrence (it’s normally blocking about 90%). While I was despamming those, another arrived. “Great,” I thought, “More spam.”

Not as such, no. It was a reply to my naïve query about Rails, “If anyone reading this happens to have used Rails at any point….” Well, yes, my correspondent does happen to have ‘used’ Rails, in a manner of speaking.

He wrote it.

Sometimes – just every now and then [1] – I start to think that this whole blog thing makes some sense. Thanks, David!

[1] In a ridiculous coincidence, that earlier example of ‘the original author getting in touch following an idle comment’ appears also to be the first entry on which I had comment spam… almost exactly a year ago. I think I’m going to have a lie down now…

1 thought on “Just another day in blogland”

  1. I wish I was an experienced user of the software which I’ve (fairly) recently written: as it is, I’m just experienced at repairing it…

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