The last time I did this, Anil noticed, so I figure it’s worth another try: Movable Type v3.12 is out. Anil comments that the update “should be fairly straightforward to upload on top of your current … installation.” What does ‘fairly straightforward’ mean? Is there reason to believe it won’t be entirely straightforward?

‘No problem,’ I think, ‘I’ll check the upgrade docs.’ Only, they don’t cover upgrading from a version any later than 3.01D, as I noted in a bug report six weeks ago.

Yes, I’m being prissy, but this is the sort of lack-of-joined-up-thinking that I was having a dig about a while back (see comments). People who live and breathe MT will guess that one simply uploads the new files, pausing briefly to consider any personal hacks that may have been applied to the old versions. The rest of us… actually, I still don’t have a clear picture of an ‘average’ Movable Type ‘user.’ ‘Developer,’ yes, but ‘user’… that’s tricky.

One good thing: the MT2.6 templates and stylesheets have reappeared on the appropriate page.

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  1. Well, to be fair, I said “fairly straightfoward” because if I said “really easy!” then people would fuss at me if they had any problems. 🙂 For most users, you just upload the new files on top of the old.

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