My iPod, bless its silicon innards, seems to be playing an awful lot of Bjork these days. Which is odd, since I put very little Bjork on it. It’s also playing altogether too much Unkle, and seems to have a penchant for a track called ‘Dancing Drums’ by Ananda Shankar. It’s completely ignoring Jools Holland, U2, and The Cure, however, so I probably shouldn’t question its tastes too closely, lest it develop opinions more like mine. Which would be disastrous.

Heaven knows where it got the Peter Gabriel from, though. I don’t own any Peter Gabriel! I’d know if I did, and I don’t! So where did it come from, eh?

(all of which is a roundabout way of saying: I lean towards the ‘they have a mind of their own‘ position, too.)

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