What happened today? Lunch with Martin, Kevin and Matt chez North Star, a charming little cafe near the BBC which appears to have over-ordered chorizo. At least, it seemed to be in everything on the menu with the possible (but unverified) exception of the lemon drizzle cake. Then back home to fiddle with Colin’s weblog, now (a.) running MT3 rather than WordPress (big thanks to PapaScott for the export script), and (b.) really ugly again. Hmm. More fiddling ahead, I fear. Along with training the poor chap to export scaled-down piccies from iPhoto.

This evening, back over to Matt’s for very fine chow (from Chow, natch) and Y Tu Mamá También. I’d love to know from a native Spanish-speaker if the ensemble cast really are as bravura as they appear; the camerawork most certainly is; story a tad trite but charming nevertheless; “Sex/Nudity: some, strong” may well be the BBFC’s idea of a joke. Thoroughly enjoyable; can’t believe it I missed it at the cinema; not a film to show one’s mother.

Finally, back home to scour the streets in search of The Last Parking Space in Shawlands (Mike Leigh, 1998). Happy days.

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