There goes the statistical neighbourhood

A month. A whole month? Crivens. That’s my posting rate average right down the swannee. But then, February did appear to be ‘no blogging month’ for most of my hostees, too. Odd.

But yes, I’m still here. Very busy at work, which come to think of it might just have had some minor impact on my posting frequency. It’s possible. And note, incidentally, that ‘busy’ really means ‘having a bit of a git of a time, on and off’; it’s not been an entirely fun month, to be honest. However, I think we’ve solved most of the truly major problems, leaving just ‘making the series’ to get our heads around. It’s mostly back to being fun again, anyway, which can only be a good thing.

As for the blog: well, now – my notebook appears to have nascent posts on… hmm… let me see… rainbows as seen from aeroplanes; bicycle courier fashions; ‘I believe in Moleskine noteboooks’; muses on being in karmic debt with old friends; textual decoration in coffee shops; drawing stuff in OmniGraffle; and probably something about mustard again. And that’s all just for starters.

So much to write, so little inclination to spend more hours thinking at a keyboard outwith work. Heigh-ho.

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