Daleks Rock

Catching up on Doctor Who, I found myself entirely underwhelmed by the Slitheen and the last couple of episodes (I mean, how many shots of somebody unzipping their forehead are really necessary?). But Dalek… oh, boy. Finally, after all these years, we know why they were so scary. I guess we’d all assumed, as nine year-olds, that they could do pretty much anything. But it all happened off-camera. Now, finally, we’ve seen a Dalek kicking serious arse. And it rocks.

Nice bit of symmetry with the Doctor and the back-story of the Time War; unexpected twist; Christopher Eccleston saying ‘Fantastic!’ a little less than his usual quota. Corker of an episode, I thought. And there are more Daleks later in the series. Cooool.

Incidentally, one of the chaps I’m working with owns a Dalek. A real one. Not one of the first four (Groucho, Chico, Harpo and Zeppo – no, really), but I believe the fifth made, out of something like six. Plus, presumably, the Emperor Dalek for the movies, that bizarre Special Weapons Dalek from whatever the heck that episode was way back in the mists of time, and of course the new ones. Anyway, Ian’s Dalek lurks beneath the stairs, looking a little worn but still with an air of ‘ready to take over the world’ about it.

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