Bad Wolf

Anne Robinson, Trinny and Susannah, Davina McCall, and the Daleks – together at last!

OK, so last night’s Doctor Who wasn’t, perhaps, the best of the series… but it was worth catching for two reasons. Firstly, the Bad Wolf thing is now out in the open, with the Doctor noticing all the references through the series (there’s even a BBC site at Secondly, the trailer for next week’s episode, Bad Wolf, which appears to feature all the above-named.

Needless to say, I am not available for public engagements next Saturday evening. Oh, and while I’m on the Who thing: the series website has informatively amusing minute-by-minute accounts of the reactions of a test group of children. Personally, I’m most impressed by the commenter (aged 15) who notes that the Dalek, Slitheen, Reapers and the like cost a fortune, but the scariest creature to date has been… a kid in a gas mask.

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