Fusion reactor… finally?

Siting the Iter fusion reactor is, once more, close to being agreed. Blimey. To say this is ‘delayed’ is putting it mildly – I first heard about the project in a course of lectures in Sydney, back in… no, I’m not kidding… 1989. Sometimes I wonder if there’s an equivalent of critical mass related to the pace of a project, and one’s enthusiasm for it. Certainly, I’m delighted to work on projects that complete in between six months and three years – anything much longer and I fear I’d get bored. Which is, I recall, one of the main reasons I didn’t take that aeronautics degree, back in… 1990.

Aaanyway, I’m back from probably the best few days’ walking I’ve ever had. Utterly, utterly marvelous. Pictures and stuff to follow. Promise.

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