BBC subverts my chum Damien!

This just in – in a shocking development, it seems the BBC have unilaterally open-sourced my chum Damien, he of the deletetheweb-hosted Low Resolution and up-and-coming-and-actually-let’s-face-it-pretty-damn-here-now Media Lounge. The BBC’s Media Lounge is different, but heck, it’s GPL’d. How can Damien et al compete with a free version of themselves?

Tune in next time for another exciting installment of ‘Gee, how can you trademark something you disclaim ownership of anyway?’

1 thought on “BBC subverts my chum Damien!”

  1. hi
    esthonia and latvia pretty amazing
    glad to see mechanoids good news
    have fun with the red headed league and new show
    r x
    back home tomorrow then return in 2 weeks

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