Did I mention I wanted an ‘undo’ button on MT-Blacklist? Er… folks… sorry, I just deleted about half-a-dozen comments, and left some perfectly good spam behind instead. I only noticed when Blacklist offered to add ‘quernstone.com’ to the list of banned URLs, which I suppose might serve as acceptable penance, but …


[update: Thank heavens for browser caches. I think I’ve put everything back, though a couple of comments were truncated in the screen I could reach, and I had to fill in the gaps from memory. My apologies if I’ve put words in anybody’s mouth. Meanwhile, I think my own blog has just banned me for being an over-prolific commenter. Oh, the ignominy.]

[update 2: D’oh! Of course, Movable Type emails me everybody’s comments. So all I had to do was copy&paste from mail. Is this National Blinkin’ Eedjit Day, or something?]

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