3 thoughts on “Dairy products really are bad for you”

  1. This is an excellent opportunity to test whether you’re sense of proportion is still intact after years on the periphery of geekdom.
    Try this quick survey.

    You slice your thumb on a yoghurt lid. Do you blog the event:

    • a. Only having fully cleaned and tightly bandaged the wound to you can type without discomfort?
    • b. Wearing a hastily-applied elastoplast, ignoring the pain that typing causes and the seepage of blood onto the space-bar?
    • c. With one hand, whilst attempting to staunch your freely flowing wound with the other?
    • d. On your way to the first-aid box?
  2. I decline to respond on the grounds that my answer may be incriminating, but I do retain enough perspective to note your incorrect use of ‘you’re’ in your first line.
    Incidentally, at was-it-breakfast-or-lunch-and-how-can-one-really-tell-anyway, I managed to snag the side of the same thumb and gash the cuticle. Thus, I spent a significant proportion of the day with a torrent of blood gushing forth from a significant digit.
    Other than that, it’s been a good day.

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