OK, it’s not so bad

Worth mentioning: two things that cheered me up today. The first was talking to Gareth on the phone. It’s going to be tricky for me to get to his Edinburgh show since it’s on at lunchtime (Saturday, maybe?), but this afternoon he sounded completely jazzed about the whole thing. He’d obviously just had a rocking performance, his audiences have been reasonable-to-large (no mean feat), and he’s clearly enjoying himself immensely. A three-starred review in The Scotsman sounds a tad rough, but… it’s in the Scotsman, for heaven’s sake! Good effort, and it’s terrific to hear Toppy sounding so happy.

Secondly, the Scotsman also reviews Joss Whedon’s Serenity, playing in the film festival prior to its release next month. To say the review is positive is something of an understatement, and that’s a major relief. Did I mention I’m a fan of Firefly? Oh, I did.

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