2 thoughts on “Precision-guided pizza delivery”

  1. I’m afraid your memory serves you better on this occasion than mine did on that. I still can’t remember my lines. That’s probably just as well, but I do recall some of the heckling.

  2. I remember, and I might even have said sketch somewhere in the archives!
    As for the UAV’s, snag is, if it’s American technology, it’ll blast open your front door, shouting, “Heeeere’s PIZZA”, and then blow bits of pizza all over the living room.
    I hope, if anything does go commercial, it’s UK tech. Least then it’ll creep into the kitchen, deposit said pizza in the oven to keep warm, and then send you a text, politely pointing out the pizza’s arrived, and would you be so kind as to pay up….
    I’ll show you some declassified pics of precision “UK style” when I pop up!

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