There’s a production going off in London that I’ve been meaning to look up – actually, there are two, but that’s another matter. Turns out an old mate of mine is doing it, which is great and all but actually I’m a bit jealous. At least, I was, until I spoke to him. Turns out he needs help on the thing, and while the money’s a bit crock and the job title might be a step backwards in some respects, for historical reasons I’d leap at the chance to do the gig.

Only, another old chum is also in the running for it. And, me being me, I gave her a hugely positive reference, since I think she’s wonderful.

My mum will ruddy throttle me when she finds out. And yes, she does read this blog. Come to think of it, I might ruddy throttle me, when it sinks in. Still – no decisions made yet. We’ll see what happens.

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