OpenTech… again

Wow. There’s a blast from the past. I’m currently – that is, over on the other Mac right this very moment – editing the last session video from July’s OpenTech. I got most of it done and uploaded the week after the conference, but then this inconvenient job sort of drove in and sucked up all my time. But now I need the media drive space back so I can prepare DVDs of Scrap It!, which is something of an incentive to get the laggard sessions edited, compressed, and uploaded. These include Suw, Gavin, Ewan‘s iPod Shuffle Shuffle (which I didn’t think I had, but it turned out the other camera more-or-less caught the audio), and Rob McKinnon’s demonstration of the most amazing GreaseMonkey site rebuilding.

And I’m nearly there. Only… oh gnats! I’ve just spotted James Larsson’s Motherboard Kerplunk, which was sort-of not on the programme, only it’s very lovely and I do actually have video of it and… bother.

Heigh-ho. More video hackery to come, then. And I was soooo close.

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