Back in Glasgow

Once more from London to Glasgow, where the streets are paved not so much with gold as with discarded chip wrappers and cans of Tennent’s Super. It’s also – and I mean this quite seriously and literally – ruddy freezing up here. I’d forgotten just how cold it gets.

Anyway, a swift weekend here sorting out the post, then down to London again on Monday, when we seem to be doing two performances with audiences of schoolkids. Which is, frankly, terrifying.

More later.

2 thoughts on “Back in Glasgow”

  1. Nortfield, MN, Friday Nov 11th, temperature approximately 18C.
    Northfield, MN, Monday Nov 14th, temperature (with wind chill) -18C. Oh, and about an 2cm of snow.
    Glasgow will never seem cold to me again…

  2. On Friday night it was down to – 7 in Bradford. When I drove up to Glasgow on Sunday morning the temperature fluctated from – 5 to 1. Once I spent Christmas in a cottage on the west coast of Mull – I think it was ’95 or ’96 – which had no mains electricity or gas, and on Christmas day Glasgow Airport recorded the lowest temperature in the world! Something like – 20 (does that sound right?) So, anyway, when it’s cold it’s cold, and you wear a muffler. what else do you need to know?

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