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One odd aspect of freelancing is that it’s sometimes hard to keep straight who you’ve worked with and who you’ve simply heard of. One such person is Alom Shaha, with whom I’m fairly certain I’ve never made a show. I’m less sure about whether we ever shared an office, though I think that’s unlikely also. But somehow I seem to have known him for years. As I say, odd.

Anyway, he’s a science development chappie at interesting London indie Pioneer Productions, and he has some sort of swanky NESTA thing going on too. And as of a short while ago, he also has a blog. And mighty fine it is too, filled as it is with Alom’s personal take on goings-on in the world of science communication. Do read: Alom’s blog at Resonance TV.

Alom also plugs inkycircus, a blog by a bunch of London-based girl geeks who are aiming to start a magazine.

Ah, feel the linkbloggery love.

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