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That was weird. On Thursday/Friday I was in the Ri until about 3:15am, then I went back to the flat and cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. Got up, packed, left, was back in the RI for about 9:15.

We went out live at 7:15, came off air shortly before 8 (hit it on the nail – the PA tells me it was more luck than judgement, but I still think there’s an element of skill involved). Then the wrap party started (lots of speeches). I left at about 10:30, by which time the population counting machine in the lecture theatre was being used as a beer fountain.

At 11pm my train left London; at 6am I was in Glasgow. I just had lunch with friends up here, and now I’m off to Chester for New Year. Then it’s Leeds, then…

I’m sorry, I have absolutely no idea what’s happening with my life.

I rather like it.

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