Can’t… resist… must… not… gaaaahhh! … too much… hubris…

Surely somebody else must have noticed that Yahoo News’ list of ‘Ten Reasons to Buy Windows Vista‘ is comprised entirely of things that have been available elsewhere for at least ten months already, and mostly for several years?



  1. I’m just amused that the number one item on the list of things to “be excited about” is security. Does anyone (outside of system administrators perhaps) actually get exicted about security?

  2. Actually, the way MS has implemented ‘security’ (TPM, in particular) may well be the #1 reason *not* to buy Vista.

  3. Sorry to change the subject.
    How many people are now using the deletetheweb blog service?
    Should we all meet up some day?

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing the Paperclip’s latest view on how I shouldn’t be doing something, and what answer it comes up with, to, and I quote, “Make your life easier…” Err, yeah 🙁

  5. I think there are a couple of dozen blogs hosted on deletetheweb, with three or four more to be added when I get a round tuit. But only about half a dozen are, at present, updated even sporadically.
    I keep meaning to install something at the home page that aggregates the content somehow. Just haven’t worked out how to do that yet.
    Oh – and, Damien? I will call you soon. No, really, I will. Any day now, in fact.

  6. “Should we all meet up some day?”
    Now there’s a thought. It depends, I suppose, on how scary are you all in real life…

  7. I’m really scary.
    I have a beard.

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