Er… Steve?

Here’s a link. I’d like you to follow it so much, I’m going to write it out in full:

Would anybody – anybody – like to explain why that goes to ‘Page Not Found’?


  1. Not only that, but the Javascript on Apple’s standard 404 page throws up an error in IE. This has a certain irony, possibly deliberate.

  2. I did toy with mailing Jobs directly, for a lark, but in the end just filled in the website feedback form. But you’re right about the Javascript error in IE, Allan – weird. Cock-up over conspiracy, surely?
    And incidentally, I have a theory about the ‘Macintosh’ thing, in that almost nowhere are the computers still marketed as ‘Macintosh.’ There’s the iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook, and Power Mac. That’s it. And yes, it does seem to be ‘Power Mac’ rather than the original ‘Power Macintosh.’

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