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A few linkbloggery things I couldn’t resist passing on: Somebody’s finally worked out what to do with the Nintendo DS’s touch screen, with the forthcoming Trauma Center: Under the Knife (already out in the US). Meanwhile, I briefly feared for James on reading this post on Boing Boing, linking to this Reuters article about the discovery of a new species of shark. Luckily it’s not James’ shark, which remains stubbornly unknown to science. The vaudeville can go on.

Given the ‘deluge’ posting rate from Boing Boing of late, I can’t imagine how crushing it would be to launch a new website without being linked from them. Robert Scoble, however, remains a little more circumspect, or at least less profligate. He has, however, finally linked to Gia. Isn’t that the definition of ‘A-list,’ or something?

Next up, an American company selling home installations of secret passageways behind fireplaces and bookshelves, activated by moving books or turning candlesticks. Which would be genius, only… watch the video called ‘Bookshelf,’ and tell me that doesn’t look suspiciously like an ordinary door with a bookshelf glued to the front.

Finally –, which should finally put to rest that absurd notion about Americans not having a sense of humour. Watch the video. Go on, it’s priceless. And, apparently, a production of the California Milk Processor Board.

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