Sits. vac. : snake

One morning a couple of years ago, I awoke to find a small snake curled up beside my bed. Since I did not then, and do not now, own a snake, this was something of a surprise.

As of today, however, I’d be ready for it. How so? Because now, I’m insured. Today (well… yesterday) I took out performing artist’s public liability and employer’s liability insurance. Activities covered are principally video and film production, workshop/training, science experiments and demonstrations, and so on. But a range of other activities are also included… including ‘snake charming.’

I don’t think I realised previously how important it would be to me to be insured for injuries incurred by members of the public as a result of my snake charming act going badly wrong. But now that I am covered, I find myself inescapably drawn to the ‘reptiles’ section of eBay.

Tragically, there are specific exclusions for knife throwing acts and high trapeze. Drat.

1 thought on “Sits. vac. : snake”

  1. I lost a snake once. Rather unfortunately this occurred as I was moving house.
    Suffice it to say that those who moved in after me weren’t best please when it resurfaced…

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