Do we like it any more?

Tomorrow, my registration for the domain expires. The question is: should I renew it?

Ilya was, had I but known, the first blog I ran. It started in 2001, scant months after the then-unknown Boing Boing, and had Alan, Martin, Damien and myself actually bothered posting much it could, perhaps, have been Boing Boing. Maybe we’d have needed whackier names, like ‘Cory’ or ‘Xeni’ or something. And being American might have helped, rather than, you know, in Leeds. The other difference was that, while Boing Boing is primarily about stuff found online, ItLikesYou was always intended to be primarily offline stuff. It wasn’t, but that was the intention.

However, six months in we’d still not got around to doing anything like a site design, and then finally the Geeklog back-end broke in some non-trivial way. By that time Movable Type was out of beta (!), and I’d started blogging personally at

So while I do sometimes wonder if Ilya could have been a contender, in some warped and twisted parallel world, it’s also blatantly obvious that it was nothing more than ‘yet another dung-heap website that nobody read.’ Still, it’s at least partially preserved for the historians, in the Wayback machine. I’m intrigued that my writing was pithier and, most likely, better there than here.

Anyway, the question remains: should I retain the domain? Will I think of anything else to do with it? Hmm…

4 thoughts on “Do we like it any more?”

  1. For some time now, I’ve been of the opinion that a gap exists for a British BoingBoing; a site with the same eclecticism and interest, but with a British sense of humour and perhaps less of the self-promotion.

  2. Boing Boing without the self-promotion? Surely not!
    Hmm. Interesting, though. Does it need to be a combination of PopBitch and NTK, or is ‘not having Cory’ enough of a USP?

  3. No I think it would need more than that. It still has to be *different*. Popbitchy and NTK-like elements, sure; but much more besides. And *funny*. It would need to be funny. BoingBoing might sometimes be entertaining, but it’s not funny.

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