How to do online video right

If you’re going to post a video of an ant wandering around inside your monitor, do what Matt Thomas does here: post it with a choice of music that makes me laugh. Some of the comments are worth reading, too.

Meanwhile, I’m off to mid-Wales for the weekend. There’s going to be rain hurtling down out of the sky, I’m camping halfway up a hill somewhere, and I really, really don’t care. I so need a couple of days off. Oh, and if anyone happens to be in the Sheffield Apple Store on Monday morning, say hi as my Dad buys a Mac mini. I’ll let you know how that goes.

1 thought on “How to do online video right”

  1. Is that Aimee Mann? Absolutely right for the video, but Filter do a version of the same song that in my (very fickle) all-time top 10. Since the same list includes the William Shatner version of “Common People”, it’s not much of an endorsement.

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