Theoretically, I’m rewriting last year’s Christmas Lectures today… in practice I’m trying to clear some of the blog posts that have backed up in NetNewsWire. So, in no particular order:

  • WorldMapper. This is genius, fascinating, and from Sheffield: an altogether too-rare combination, Medlo excepted.
  • Cars – second trailer. So… best guess, folks: is this where Pixar jumps the shark, or will Lasseter manage to pull a charmingly folksy tale out of the bag that has ‘over-familiar cliché and environmentally unsound’ stamped on it?
  • Aventis prize for science books winner. This is where I was on Monday night. Er… no, not winning. Good bash, and the children’s books are particularly good: Royal Society’s pages (thanks to a corporate merger and name change, the main Prize site is… er… offline. Oops). It’s True! Squids Suck rocks.
  • Lee Siegel rants about Malcolm Gladwell at the New Republic Online. I read Blink while I was traveling to and from India, pretty much hated it, and scrawled a bit of a diatribe in a notebook that I haven’t yet had chance to post here. My criticisms are different to Siegel’s, but I’m still relieved that I’m not going to be the only nay-sayer.


  1. Have you read Gladwell’s blog? I quite enjoy it.

  2. Ah. that’s where I picked it up. Reverse link referral. Sorry.

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