TomTom voices

As if I needed any more justification for adding a TomTom Go navigation system to my ‘You know, I really fancy one of those’ list: you can get different voices for the things. Including an outrageously vampy woman, a New York cabbie, a Mafia Don, and… John Cleese?

My favourite, however? The American granny. Genius.

(But while I’m on the subject — how come GPS isn’t entirely ubiquitous already? Just why do so few digital cameras location-stamp each image, and why doesn’t my PowerBook know where it is? It’s not like it’s particularly new technology.)


  1. GPS is suprisingly hard to integrate… large antenna, loads of power, not *that* cheap, plus it isn’t very customer-friendly – long time to first fix, doesn’t work indoors…

  2. Instead of a TT Go, why not run TomTom on a PDA? The main advantages:
    – address book integration. Just select a contact, instead of having to fuss with selecting letters from an A-Z grid on a touchscreen.
    – if you do want to enter an address directly, you can use the PDA’s handwriting recognition instead of (again) selecting letters from an A-Z grid.
    – portability (depends on which GPS unit you choose, though)

  3. Chris – Oh. Well, that makes sense. Merde.
    (For the uninitiated, Chris works for Nokia doing ‘cool stuff.’ So, like, he should know about things like this.)
    Harro – PDA? What, you think I have a PDA? I still have a Newton, but I don’t think that’s quite what you mean. However, if I did have one, I’d take your point.
    (for the uninitiated, Harro is a general loon).

  4. On behalf of the uninitiated: congratulations, Harro, on making general and best of luck in one day advancing to the rank of field marshal loon.

  5. Thank you, thank you. I’d give a speech, but can’t be bothered right now.

    ObTT: In my car, I’ve got a bracket to hold and feed the Palm for navigational purposes. The bracket is ‘attached’ to the windshield with a suction cup. Today, the damn thing fell off, after being in place for a little under a year. Suction cups suck.

  6. Harro isn’t a *general* loon; I found he’s quite specific.

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