One of the ongoing grouses about the (bollocks horrid jargon phrase alert!) blogosphere (all clear!) is the (supposed) existence of an ‘A-list’ of bloggers whose combined popularity has spiraled ever upwards, to the (supposed) disadvantage of ‘the rest of us.’

Well, basically, get over it sunshine, some people are just better at it than you are. That argument aside – and speaking as somebody hovering just below the D-list of the blog world – the conference-junkie peer-respect thang is simultaneously both appealing and irrelevant.

So I won’t pretend not to experience a little thrill every time The Daily Grind here happens to pick up a stray comment or link from somebody whose blog I read. I find it quite scary – as I’ve mentioned many times, I tend to assume nobody reads this shit, and the thought that People Of Note might, in fact, do so is probably enough to put me right off it, if I really thought about it. But I also find it gratifying. It’s nice to be noted by people I respect.

But here’s what I suspect’s been going on of late: I think, at some recent bloggers’ shindig – which I could have attended had I been in London/San Francisco/wherever the hell BloggerCon was – a bunch of A-listers got drunk one night. Collectively, they decided to all show up at some poor unsuspecting obscure blogger’s site, and start linking and leaving comments. Just to, you know, freak them out.

How else can I explain Hammersley and Marks suddenly popping up in my comments, and now Euan Semple claiming to have seen the downloadable Guardian story here?

I’m being A-bombed. It’s the only rational explanation.

You watch, next I’ll have Winer and Kottke and Cory and Arrington and Scoble and Malkin and Zeldman all show up.


4 thoughts on “A-bombing”

  1. Bloggercon? Oh no mate. The real a-list meets in Black Forest, and plots world domination. You may be wondering why we’ve called you here. Well, it’s time to learn the secret handshake, old chap.

  2. What, that A list? Oh for heaven’s sake, Ben, do keep up. I know it’s hard to keep track of who’s who, what with the hoods and all, but you must have realised that attendance has been thinning of late?
    St. James’ Park, Thursday. The usual time.
    Dang, I’ve said too much.

  3. hmm, I seem to recall pointing out to you, jonathan, that I thought the DG was actually a rather good read. Well written snippets of obscure and mostly trivial information (always likely to make me come back). It’s also often funny. Do you think one day I’ll stop tellng groups of school children who ask me if I’ve ever met anyone famous that I once did a script conference with dannii minogue in the hot spring baths just outside Rekjavik? And instead tell them I once had a coffee with Jonathan Sanderson in Bean Scene in Glasgow?
    Are the A list anything like the A Team? If you can find them you can read them?

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