Nikon SLR system summary

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  1. “�F-number: lower is better,� with no additional explanation.”
    Oh look, Nigel’s had a coronary.

  2. Stone dead. Anyway, I may be a “Canon fanboy”, but my selection of Canon was based on my experience with the internal software on Fuji, Nikon, Minolta and Canon gear that work has lent me over the years. For me, the Canon software is the easiest to get my head around sans manual (although I have forgotten how to do exposure bracketing).
    My camera is the old 10D that I got ‘new used’ from a pro in Germany who was ditching it as a back-upfor his 1D in favour or a 20D. My lenses are pretty basic though. Two of them are the ones designed for the old EOS IX7 that I sold and have very basic optics and plastic mounts (and might actually be quite rare now!). The other is the venerable EF 75-300mm that everyone who can’t afford a decent lens seems to have. Still, even with that kit, I have learnt a lot – not least that when it comes to f, smaller is better.

  3. See, that’s exactly where I don’t get on with Canons – the hands-on usability just doesn’t work for me. I put it down to being raised on a Minolta SR-1, which was not only built like a tank, it could actually be used as an emergency chock to stop one from rolling away if the handbrake failed.
    Currently, I’m using a Minolta 600si Classic, which was unique at the time for eschewing zillions of little buttons in favour of honking huge dials and levers for everything. I don’t use it very often, but it takes about five seconds to remember where everything is… including flash bracketing, which I don’t think I’ve ever used (no flash gun, pfah!).
    Of course, I wish I’d bought the Nikon 601. Lousy to handle, but at least I’d have bought into a decent lens system. Heigh-ho.

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