Technorati internals

Nice little video here chatting to the people behind Technorati – well worth a watch if you’re interested in that sort of thing. I don’t use it anything like as much as I reckon I should, in part because it still feels like the UK blog world is rather small and closed. But I can see that changing sooner rather than later.

It’s also worth watching to see what Kevin Marks, erstwhile of this parish’s comments, looks and sounds like. Tee-hee.

2 thoughts on “Technorati internals”

  1. Oh dear, I’m that laughable? There are some video blogposts of mine that show what I look and sound like too, but they tend to be a bit less well edited than Ryanne and Jay did there.

  2. Heh, nah, I’m just not used to seeing the people behind the comments. It’s an excellent video, actually – it’s brief and entertaining, but there’s some excellent material covered. They did a great job, and that reflects well on you lot, too.

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