Another genius image on Maopost, celebrating communist whaling techniques. Remember – for all your daily vintage Chinese propaganda poster needs, Maopost has you covered, including via a stylish Dashboard widget for OS X. You can even have your own portrait painted into a wide choice of socialist posters. Even better than a cuddly trout.


  1. Something remarkably fishy going on on this web-site, Sanderson. Are you trawling for comments?

  2. “SOS! Kelp! Kelp! Oh mahi goodness! Roe betide us! What a clamity!”, blubbered the monk in a krill voice. Dabbing his eyes, he carped “Cod bless my shoal, soon those piscean references will be flying.. or falling flat.. each close on the eel of another. Soon we’ll have some awful one-guppy-manship amongst readers.. when will it a-bait, when will it fin-ish?”. Floundering, he cast about for a ray of sympathy from Felox. His angel faced cat, perched nearby breamed back, “Don’t look at me.. I’m squids in”.. after all, he smelt fish.

  3. I wonder how hard it would be to hack an anti-comment spam plugin to instead filter out dreadful fish puns. Hmm…

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