Back (again)

Back in Glasgow, that is. A goooooood week – more later, doubtless. Maybe much later, we’ll see. Meanwhile: arrrrghhhh! Panic! Arrggghhhh! Too busy! Arrgghhh! I’m in London on Tuesday for a pitch meeting, which is rather exciting, then a week on Monday I start work in Dublin. Yes – I got the job, we’ve agreed terms, and we’re kicking off on the eighteenth. I’m hugely excited about it, actually, though mildly scared that between now and then I need to think of some blisteringly clever stuff to say about the show, and start to work out in what direction I wish to steer it this year. But hey, I’m sure I’ll cope.

Meanwhile – I’ve been offline for a week. 854 emails arrived, NetNewsWire is back over 5000 unread, and I gather that lonelygirl15 is definitely a hoax. Wait, that last one isn’t news, right?

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