RDF buys The Comedy Unit

Any TV company thinking of hiring me had better take note: of late, I’ve worked for IWC Media (bought by RDF), Mentorn (bought by Tinopolis), SMG Media (rejected merger deal with Ulster TV, but something’s likely to happen soon, it seems), and The Comedy Unit. Who, yesterday, were bought by RDF (more here).

This is, I think, good news for Gavin and co. They’re no longer quite so out on a limb, swimming against the tide of the ‘superindie,’ and they’ve instantly acquired things like New York and Los Angeles offices, international sales arms, and major clout with the broadcasters. Plus the founders will – one assumes – have pocketed a chunk of change for their efforts over the last ten years, and frankly, it couldn’t happen to nicer people. Plus the timing’s right – it’s going to be increasingly hard for a moderate-sized company to play the (shrinking) game.

Of particular note in that Herald story is the brief quote from David Frank, RDF’s Chief Exec, that The Comedy Unit is one of the ‘best managed businesses in the genre.’ I’d say that’s right, and encouragingly insightful. In an industry where absurdly rubbish management is the norm, Colin and April have developed a company atmosphere of healthy internal criticism and mutual support, without stifling individual creativity. They’re not control freaks, but they’re not absentees either. That’s a rare balance, and working there was a rare pleasure.

But anyway, it looks like I’m some sort of merger/takeover totem. Does that put my rates up?

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