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  1. The only times I’ve had to deal with them have been over the Mighty Mouse – on both occasions they shipped out a replacement and asked me to send mine back (dead scroll ball problem).
    The second time was 1 week before the end of 12 months. I don’t think that’s bad. Of course it might be because they knew the scroll ball was an issue (plenty of people have posted about it).
    However, when the service is that straight forward, and with – at the time – no mighty mouse possibly being older than 12 months, I am surprised at the number of people who’ve posted DIY repairs.

  2. i am using macbook MA254. i installed winxp thru bootcamp 1.1.2 . i am unable to double click on trackpad as i do in macosx. what to do please give me a solution.

  3. That’s… er… weird. Does this look like an Apple support site? Oh, well…
    Have you installed the MacBook Windows drivers, using the driver CD Bootcamp offered to burn for you? If not, that’ll be your problem.

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