James Bond’s car insurance

£7,108.50? For an Aston Martin Vanguishtageguard? Driven by a guy who keeps writing them off and getting them machine-gunned, and thus has a positively negative no-claims bonus?

What, he’s getting a huge discount for keeping it garaged every night? He’s assumed to be parking it in the safest areas of town? They’re considering Q’s electrified handles as equivalent to a Thatcham Category LXXVII alarm? Or is ‘secret agent’ a perversely low insurance risk occupation, compared to, say, ‘television producer’?

I can see only two ways this makes sense:

  1. Virgin insurance wanted a bit of free press, on reflection realised that a huge premium might not be the best story, and hence spun the figure down until it sounded vaguely plausible to them.
  2. I’m getting stiffed for insurance on my 10,000-mile/year Smart parked in G41.

Both thoughts are likely correct.

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