Scottish BAFTAs

Whilst I shivered in my unheated Glaswegian flat last night, barely a half-brick’s throw away the great and the good of (Scottish) media were making non-alcoholic merry at the (Scottish) BAFTAs. Dry, evidently, because of some indiscretions and heckling last year, and the BBC’s inexplicable intention this year to broadcast the event, albeit after a judicious cooling-off period.

It’s a sign of the respect and affection with and in which we hold these noble (Scottish) awards that today’s Media Guardian does not, in fact, mention them at all. Presumably, the thought of sending an actual hack all the actual way to the actual (Scottish) Glasgow was viewed as terribly gauche.

Interestingly, there’s precious little on Technorati today, either (am I the only Scottish media blogger currently working in Dublin? Surely not?). Credit due to ‘Laura’ (surname unknown, though bizarrely we do know she’s a Libra) for pointing up the Screenplay winner (Run Tony Run!). Otherwise, there’s a thundering silence from basically everywhere.

Which is a pity, because thanks to BAFTA Scotland itself (persevering in publishing the news, even if nobody appears to give a damn), we know that:

  1. Mechannibals did not win the Entertainment award. Which is something of a relief, in most respects, though ultimately not as funny as the other outcome might have been. & —
  2. My friend Debs won Best Documentary for her Richard Dawkins film, Root of all Evil – The Virus of Faith.

Yay Debs! I had lunch with her yesterday, and everything! Woo!

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