Standard definition people in a high-definition world

New from the MySociety genii:, capsule the curiously-capitalised PlaceOpedia. Think Google Maps ? Wikipedia. Brilliant. Except that, as I write, all the links read


  1. The Z1 comes with wrinkle adjustment as a preset in HD, to quote:
    SKINTONE – adjustment, to make wrinkles less noticeable by supressing the outlines on the part in skin colour to be enhanced [OFF] no adjustment
    [TYPE 1] the colour range recognized as a skin type is narrow
    [TYPE 2] the colour range recognized as a skin colour is wide.
    note: when [SKINTONE DTL] is set to [OFF] setting will not be effective, and the edge of the part of skin colour will be enhanced at the highest level.
    All that is missing now is a sound pre-set that will rearrange words to make sense.

  2. Of course in the old days of cinema – still pretty hi-def – they just stretched a square of nylon stocking over the lens…

  3. More video processing astoinishment

    After the use-video-for-geometry-and-stills-for-high-res-texture-maps tech demo, here’s another gob-smacking bit of video frighteningness: Blimey. Using multi-point motion-tracking to unwrap a texture…

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