‘The number you have dialled is not in service’

Well actually, I’m pretty sure it is, thanks, given that the owner of said number called me only an hour ago demanding to know where his script for tomorrow was. But now that it’s on its way back to him, I seem to be living in a weird little telecoms black hole, wherein no phones work. It’s just about possible that Ireland’s phone system has entirely crashed, but I suspect something more bizarre. My (UK, roaming) mobile won’t talk to anyone in Ireland… though will call the UK just fine, thanks. The landline here doesn’t seem to work either. Clearwire ‘broadband’ [cough] is about as rapid as ever, meaning that the 5k/sec it seems able to sustain is woefully inadequate for Skype.

Thus, I find myself unable to call poor Joe to tell him to check his email. And yet, I can evidently blog about this. Thus, potentially, the whole world can know of the situation… except the one person who actually matters.

How… thoroughly crap.


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  1. Have a look at twitter.com and get your mate signed up to it – it does a handy bridge between AIM, SMS and web for just this kind of thing – when I was in London this week with just my mums cellphone for comms, it meant I could keep up with my web friends too.

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