Did I just take an unannounced blog holiday? Hmm, it looks that way. Mind you [looks around], it doesn’t appear that anybody’s noticed. Heigh-ho.

Highlights of Christmas:

  • Making it back to Glasgow, when everyone was worried the fog at Heathrow would cause me to be stuck in Dublin. Because… er… all Britons live in London, or… nope, sorry, I don’t follow.
  • Fuzzy felt! Yay fuzzy felt! (for further details, ask my niece Edith. Though you’d best not expect a reply if she’s in the middle of one of her four-hour fuzzy felt focusses).
  • Family Christmas! Hurray!
  • Getting my tax return done. Which isn’t exactly how I like to spend Christmas, but it had to be done. Also, I’ve filed all receipts up to and including Christmas, which makes me feel ridiculously virtuous and all. Though the tax bill itself was a bit of a shock. How can I have made that much money last year and still spent the entire period feeling utterly skint? Harrumph.
  • Spending almost a whole week with Flossie, oooh! She came up to Glasgow (to… watch me do my tax return, as it turned out. Poor lass), then drove me down to Cardiff. T’ch, devotion — what can one do?
  • Making surprisingly elegant sandwiches in the parking area of some service station somewhere on the M5 (M6?). Hints for those in a similar position include: tortilla chips are surprisingly good for spreading pesto; ultrabright LED lights in mobile phones are astonishingly handy, especially when the car interior light has packed in; PowerBooks make perfectly acceptable trays/plates.
  • New Year in the Glee Club in Cardiff was a hoot. We went with a bit of a group and had a blast.
  • New Year’s Day walk on the beach at Barry, with squally showers and horizontal hail, and pump-action foam rockets. Flossie had a mean glint in her eye as she considered trying to shoot down the kites, which was rather unsettling.
  • Chatting to the stoic family with (a.) two young children, (b.) a magnificent sandcastle, (c.) a flask of coffee that I suspect may have been adulterated slightly and (d.) a selection box of chocolates. They were bedraggled, huddled behind a windbreak, and starting to shiver, but also determined that their traditional afternoon on the beach wouldn’t be beaten by something so insignificant as the weather. Too sweet, and the sort of thing that makes me yearn for a decent camera.

So now, I’m back in Dublin. The crew are off to Vegas for CES this week (yes! We got them there!), we’ve had a good week in the edit, and… life is good.

Right. That’s us up-to-date again. Normal service will resume just as soon as we’ve worked out what constitutes ‘normal,’ etc etc.

3 thoughts on “Back”

  1. “ultrabright LED lights in mobile phones are astonishingly handy”, but of course, don’t you remember navigating Ilkley Moor by mobile light, in fog? It’s quite surprising how bright mobile phones can be!

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