Kettle, RIP

The devoted reader of this blog will recall the magnificent photograph posted last September, of my father standing proudly with the new familial kettle. Tragically, he today reports:

“Yes, another kettle has chilled out. The pretty blue lights still worked but the water stayed cold.

So we went back to the Russell-Hobbs “traditional” style kettle, remember it’s the one that parboils your knuckles every other Thursday.”

He continues to relate that, in addition, he & mum bought a new lavatory seat, “just in case.”

1 thought on “Kettle, RIP”

  1. And if you need a new element, or a fix, you know where to come 😉
    Full of the joys of successful electronics myself, having had a large single malt to help me along, and finally after weeks of screaming, all 3 of my Windows machines now talk to each other – hurray 😀 Really must go to bed now!

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