SciCast article at Futurelab’s website

Futurelab – which used to be ‘NESTA Futurelab,’ so this is all a bit incestuous still – have a nice article up about my next project, SciCast. It’s a decent summary of where we’ve got to, and also of what’s still left to do, since there remain some pretty glaring holes in the plan. All of which can be overcome, of course, but we’re not quite there yet.

In particular, right now I can’t see us making our (self-imposed) ‘mid-March’ launch date. Even if we hear about additional funding this coming week, as we’re hoping, I think it’s too late to nail down all the remaining details. We’ll see.

Also: I really must get them to mention something other than Mechannibals when describing me. BAFTA-nominated or not, it was hardly my proudest moment. They could at least spell it right, anyway. Grumble grumble.

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