Ze Frank finished

For all the hype about Rocketboom, I’ve always found it overly-long and pretty much unwatchable. ‘The Show’ with Ze Frank, however, was much more palatable, even if he never seemed to blink. Short, direct, and pithily witty, it was compulsive viewing. Or at least, it was when he wasn’t heading off into bits of Americana that went over my head.

Sadly, however, it’s all past tense: Ze’s called it quits after a year, and he’s been having meetings in LA with all the big-wigs. He has an audience, he has talent, and I hope good things happen. I’m only concerned that, in a few years time, we might realise that what Ze did was perfect the one-man-and-his-vlog format, but that three minutes of him was about right for any one sitting. We’ll see.

If you want to catch the teary-eyed final show, it’s here.

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