More on the N95

Since people seem to be liking the N95 comments, a few more:

  • It crashes. A lot. Sometimes in the middle of calls.
  • Hunting between 3G and standard cells seems to be the cause of most of my connection problems. Roaming in Portugal I’ve had to disable 3G altogether.
  • The camera startup time and shutter lag are hilariously awful, and seriously impact the usability of the camera.
  • Battery life is poor – I think worse than the quoted life for the iPhone? If Apple’s handset actually hits the specs – which Apple gear usually does – I think it’ll be considerably better than this thing. With WiFi off and only brief use, the N95 needs recharging essentially every night.
  • The charger is the dinkiest, neatest little thing you ever did see. Great piece of kit.
  • The camera lens cover has an annoying habit of getting activated when pushing or pulling the handset out of a pocket, just like the K750. The K800/810 avoid this by having the cover move on the perpendicular axis, which is much smarter.
  • I’ve had horrid problems with SMS message centres, that are quite baffling. In Portugal, it receives but refuses to send texts, which is irritating as hell.
  • Video quality is stunningly good. For a phone.

Strangely, I’m still enjoying using the N95. Mostly because in places it’s so bad it’s plain entertaining. I’ll be fed up with it long before the contract is up, but we still have six months before the iPhone arrives in the UK (longer for a 3G version?), so I guess it’ll have to do for now.

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