N95 stuff

My hate/hate relationship with my N95 continues. I was showing it to Matt tonight, and it crashed within about 30 seconds of my starting to demo it. He was actually quite impressed; from the way I’d been talking, he’d expected more like 15 seconds.

Anyway, catching up on feeds tonight (via the wonderful new NetNewsWire 3.0), I find that Scoble has blagged himself an N95. One of the problems I’ve been having is finding sensible software repositories for Series 60 apps to try out; one of Scoble’s comment threads helps there.

Incidentally, I’d agree with Scoble that the phone’s camera quality is excellent – noticeably better than the not-at-all-sniffy K750, and Nokia have toned down the somewhat crude over-sharpening their previous high-end Zeiss-lensed überphones applied. However, there are two problems with the N95 camera; shutter lag is pretty bad, but more of an issue is startup time. I count it at about five seconds, which is extreme. I’ve started flicking the lens cover open while the thing’s still in my pocket, as I’m walking up to where I think there might be a shot. Once I’m in place, I still have to count to three before the screen’s up and stabilised. Ugh.

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