Speaking of principles…

This blog hardly has the largest readership going, but hey, it’s worth a punt…

Right now, I’m in the last month (ish) of my confirmed time on SciCast. The project continues, but my direct involvement winds down. That means I’m looking for work, most likely from August.

I’m a writer and editor, and I produce video for broadcast and the web. My background is in science television: communicating complex subjects to large audiences is, hence, something of a speciality. Doing so with levity and a degree of panache is a personal preference, but I can be serious when needed. And I’m really very good with websites. I’ll roll my sleeves up and delve into databases and CSS if I have to, but I mean more on an organisational, ‘what’s possible?/what’s desirable?/what’s worthwhile?’ level. Oh, and I do schedules and budgets and all that jazz too.

If your organisation is looking for advice, assistance, or opinions on web media, particularly in that cusp where technically challenging stuff meets the public, I might be able to help. My consultancy rates are, of course, exorbitant. I’m also available for longer-term work: got a big new engineering or science project that needs documenting along the way? I’m your guy. Think the public should know what goes on inside your building? Let’s talk. Want to share your successes with your customers in an entertaining manner? That too.

Contact me via email, as jonathan[at]quernstone.com.

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