The story so far: there’s a new trailer out (playing ahead of the world’s most expensive toy advert, but luckily you can catch it at Apple’s movie trailer site instead), which appears to be for an as-yet-untitled JJ Abrams-helmed flick. Since he’s the exec producer behind Lost, it’s probably no surprise that there’s already a ‘net-wide hunt-the-wumpus game going on, as fans try to track down additional information on the new film via websites that are assumed to exist.

Is it just me who’s a bit bored by all this? I mean, I’m as much of a fan of ARGs as the next guy – which is to say, I haven’t thought about them much, but in principle I guess they might be OK, so long as they’re not like LARP – but this is a film. It’s been shot. You’re not going to influence the story, you’re just finding bits of back-story they didn’t think were important enough to put in the film itself.

My time is precious. If I’m going to choose to squander it, those who would entertain me had damn well better be doing the hard work themselves. If they expect me to work through their deliberately-obfuscated plotlines for them, then I shall take my custom elsewhere.

Bah, humbug,

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