4 million pixels and counting


The pixels have landed. Bits of the SciCast publishing system only work with Internet Explorer on Windows, so for the last couple of months I’ve had a horrid dilemma: run Final Cut with a single monitor, or keep scrurrying around beneath the desk to replug the ‘second’ monitor between the Mac and the PC (yes, geek fans, I tried VNC – not quick enough for what I needed).

This week I succumbed to the inevitable, and bought my first new monitor in about five years. It’s a Samsung 206BW, and so far it seems lovely. I’m going to have to keep futzing around with colour profiles with it, and it’s damned bright (I’m now running it at around 40%, to avoid burning my retinas), but it’s looking pretty good.

The scary part is that if I tot all this up, I’m looking at rather more than 4 million pixels. If I open the MacBook it hits 5 million.

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