I’ll just carry on banging this drum, then

BBC cutbacks, and all that — inevitable, given the license fee settlement, and perhaps not quite as bad as one might have feared. However, showing more repeats is scarcely going to work, in the long run, since people will still turn to alternative sources (including the BBC’s own iPlayer service) to see TV when they want it, rather than when it’s scheduled. I really don’t understand the logic there.

Yet more worrisome is that the cutbacks are mirrored in the Children’s department. According to the Guardian, around 20% of jobs there will go in the next couple of years. This is, of course, on top of the decimation of the sector outside the BBC.

All the more reason, then, for special-interest sector (like, for example, science & engineering) to take matters into their own hands and make media directly.

There are times when the masterplan lumbering into view behind SciCast feels like a pipedream. And then there are times, like today, when it feels almost frighteningly timely.

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