I’m happy, for I have bought drugs. Hard-core solvent-dispersed rapid-action long-lasting… nah, I’m not going to keep this up.

I have Lemsip and Strepsils. And a big box of tissues that have this slightly weird waxy balm thing going on that I’m not entirely sure I like.

Poor me.


  1. Grrr
    I’d be more vocal, only my sinuses are full of evil and my throat is lined with thorns.

  2. Poor you, indeed. If yer strepsils aren’t cutting it, I’d go for dequacaine. It replaces your sore throat with something which feels uncannily like an empty space.

  3. working out what to give a 5 month with a blocked nose is of course a challenge, as far as I can tell the answer is pretty much nothing for the nose. Anyway she seems to be sleeping OK and puttying up with having her nose blown.

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