SciCast design

One of the aspects of SciCast that’s been done right is the website design — partly because it’s not as simple as ‘just a website design.’ Rather, there’s an entire brand image going on, with the website merely one expression of it. That’s why the posters we’ve had done look so fab — the artwork was designed from the start to work in that sort of way. It’s also why people are willing to give the website a try: it’s a very basic site, technically, but the design expresses a care and professionalism that screams ‘we’re not wasting your time!’

Huge respect, then, to the designers on the project, Tijuana in Bristol. We didn’t ask them for any of this, they just did it anyway. Lovely chaps, and chipping in solutions to problems we didn’t know we had — exactly the sort of people I enjoy working with.

And hey, they’ve done stuff with Banksy.

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